About us

Owned by Close protection and Maritime security officer, Jason King, and with over 30 years experience, 007 Racing has the ability to work at all required levels,  our training in defence is second-to-none. From senior staff officers to junior commanders, we have a rich heritage of preparing military personnel of all ranks for the rigours of operations. We have a  long track record of meeting our customers' needs and budgets, from replicating the role of battle space assets and platforms to honing troops reactions to life-threatening scenarios.

A former Non Commissioned Officer  in the British Infantry, Jason had command in various roles from training to operations all within the British Army, Erinys, Special Operations Consultants SMG, Drum Cussac, Secure a Ship and currently with AMSS.   With almost 7 years experience in the Anti-Piracy HRA from Team member to his latest role as Senior Team Leader/Medic.  Jason adapts and learns  new skills comfortably within a Management or Team Player role, finely balanced with tact, pride and the utmost professionalism.


> Security Consultant/Manager of over 300 armed personnel for a $493 million US DOD reconstruction contract in Iraq

> Managed the largest ECP in the world (ECP 14,VBC,Iraq)

> Mitigated threats pertaining to terrorist and internal criminality for over six sites in Iraq by managing directly the organic and physical side of force protection

> Liaised directly with over 13 Private Security Companies (PSC’s) enabling safe conditions to be set with a proven track record of 12 Months credibility without compromise

> Set up and successfully ran five sites from the onset transitioning from a complex with over 2400 residents in an unsecured location, whilst adapting to major hostilities

> Intelligence, Surveillance, and specialist in Anti/Counter terrorist operations covering the European and Middle-east sectors

> Chief advisor/Subject Matter Expert (SME) in both Non Hostile/Hostile environments to the US Military and SOC Security

> Managed, Trained, Administered a security Force of 300+ consisting of Ex-pats, ex-Ugandan army for the largest US Government contract in Iraq

> Security Consultant/Supervisor with resilience based 24/7 Operations

> Cost effective training developer of security assets and access control methods

> Surveillance/Reconnaissance on Mafia/illegal intelligence cells operating in Iraq and Northern Ireland

> Managed, Trained, Administered 8 men in counter/Anti terrorist operations across Europe